Son of Sylvester, the tailor, sailor and taxi driver:

I took this photo at one of the most heavenly beaches that I’ve ever been! Picture perfect does exist in this photo! Curaçao is such a beautiful place and was my most touristic vacation with lots of challenges surrounding that vacation including it being my mental and emotional escape 3 months after my father died from this world. I just needed to get away from everything for a bit, put some meat on my bones once again (Thanks @tammypstyle for encouraging me to not make it take a toll on me and regain my physique emotionally and physically) and upgrade into the person that his passing assisted me into becoming. It taught me there is life after death through me living as my dear father faded from this world and I shined in this one with his old coaching. Like father like son? We were like twins 😁 Daddy loved my cooking, foot massages, travel bug (Like him in his younger days) and drama since he always stood and fought by my side (Unless we were arguing)! Anyone knows the name of this beach? It’s far from the capital with lots of tall cactus along the road.


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