Creole Orange Sunset and Sunrise

via Daily Prompt: Orange

It’s the best time of the year which rivals Christmas in the Creole islands of Saint Lucia, Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Haiti! A dash of orange to start and end the day makes the cultural blues mellow with sweet nectar!

We embrace or French, African, Amerindian, East Indian and even European cultural diversity through celebrations of culinary, music, dance, folk, arts, pageantry, theatre, fashion and so much more, especially in my home island of Saint Lucia!

It’s an affair that that is bright as the sunset’s phoenix orange and gives new life daily as a sunrise! We dance! We sing! We EAT! EAT! EAT!

If you truly want to embrace Saint Lucian culture, visit in October, especially the last weekend! You will remember the days of the old like the pirates of the Caribbean, search for El Dorado in all that you meet and feel a spirit knocking on your soulful doors that makes you chanté et dansé with the beat of your heat which resonates the music of our ancestors! Ste.Lici belle alor? You will learn our language like it’s that of your mother for we are the root of many and our fruits are bountiful!

Orange is the new black. The new white! The new golden brown, green, yellow purple! Saint Lucia is a bouillon of cultural diversity, talent, entertainment, lifestyle! What is a bouillon? A hearty meal which makes you say,”YES I WILL MARRY YOU! I DO!”


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