Lime and Honey: The Human Experience

Photo Captured at Kaieteur Falls within the Amazon Jungle, Guyana, 1 hour chartered flight into the jungle from the nation’s capital, Georgetown! It was an exciting, refreshing, adventurous experience of a lifetime! Enjoy the sneak peak of my South American cross-continent adventure. Kaieteur Falls is the world’s tallest single drop waterfall and it is believed that height seen was once the ocean’s floor! Jaguars among other wild animals were around, but stray from humans. I also got to, unexpectedly, see the rare Cock of the Rock bird which has bright orange (Like a phoenix) plumes!

I used to think not achieving my ever changing dreams was difficult, but it’s more challenging when dreams come true, especially when achieved through consistent positive means to attain and maintain them. Failure is easy. Success isn’t. Hell is empty and all the devils are here. Paradise is a battlefield: Never lay down your arms. The human experience is indeed a feat. I look to the sky. Where does my help come from. It comes from..

Yes I can. Yes I will. Yes I have. Yes I shall. Nothing is impossible. If I dream it I shall achieve it, because I sleep walk my dreams into reality. I bring them to life. I live them.15135860_10153971861500913_845939374372559925_n



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