Dear Belgium…

Antwerp, Belgium….Light chilly breeze, chocolate dipped strawberry kebabs, cafés, jewelry shops (Lots of diamonds), fashion houses, clean streets, not so hyper socialites, attractive architecture, delicious cuisine and CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATES, CHOCOLATES…!

Just about two hours drive from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Belgium is where anyone who wants to experience a bit of Amsterdam without the party flare, hustle and bustle (Unless it’s the holiday season from my experience, of course)!

You’ll develop a sweet tooth even if you don’t like chocolates! Are you a fashionista? Get ready to shop away, but be ready to pay some hot prices for quality products if you aren’t being offered a special. Quality is all around you, whether in be in cuisine, fashion or history. I guess that’s Europe for you, especially when you are from a small vacation island in the west.

I’ll definitely re-visit some day, especially since my chocolates are done and I am yearning for more of the quality clothing and exquisite food!



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