Conquering YOU!

A roaring lion captures no prey. We can often block or blessings by letting our detractors aware. Quite often your enemies are the ones closest to you and those you least expect to be fighting against you.

They do not need to know your trials or rewards. Success unknown doesn’t have lesser value than success known. Does your success have less value if others don’t acknowledge or aren’t aware of it? Does a million dollars in the bank unpublicized have less value than the spoken about financial status?

Remember the sun rises and sets daily in silence. So does the moon. Only thunder, lightning and volcanoes announce their presence. Rise. Struggle and appreciate your battles without laying down your arms. Many unforeseen challenges will come, but remember different levels have different demons. They also have different angels to guide and guard.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Remember you are building your story, not solely for you, but for God’s glory. People have overcome and endure much while succeeding: Cancer, rape, poverty including financial drought and homelessness for extended periods of , death of love ones, STDS, utter debt, abuse of all forms. Some endure challenges while they are continuously succeeding, others have had many turmoils erased from their future. God/Life is for all, so your season is a cycle. Prepare for it.

Photo captured in Antwerp, Belgium, August 2018.


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