St.Kitts: History, Culture, Passion

St.Kitts, also known as St.Christopher is this country which has embraced its history and created a theatrical performance from it or so it felt during my visit. I have no more original photos, so kudos to the photographer.

This is my second nation visited ever. My old high school, St Mary’s College created a historical tour experience for senior students on a yearly and my parents embraced the opportunity which excited me. It was my first time traveling by plane and staying at a hotel! Sugar cane fields coated the land, an island tour by train (Another first for me), Brimstone Hill Fortress, an amazing view of St.Barts, VERY friendly people, quiet homely island, aux natural, black sand beaches, delicious foods and lots of monkeys (Although I oddly didn’t see any). I loved it!

St.Kitts played a key roll in Caribbean development out of the slave trade! It was truly a dynamic cultural experience for me that I’ve never forgotten! P. S we disappeared to the sister island of Nevis for the day during my 4 day stay on the island, but that’s for another story! Welcome to Jay’s Wonderland!



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