Virgin Gorda: An escape from paradise to paradise

My goodness! One of, if not, the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever experienced, is The Baths in Virgin Gorda, BVI! I have no more original photos, but the memories are etched into my mind forever! It was Heaven! Kudos to the photographers.
Crystal clear water, so clear that one could see jellyfish from standing on the ferry as we enjoyed bbq! The rocks were like caves, so it was perfect for hiking and diving with my cousins Miguel and Michael with our amazing aunt Janice!

I met this beautiful older Jamaican girl that I almost kissed under the water, but got c##kblocked just before our lips made contact as she blushed😑😁 I wonder if I’ll ever see her again! The journey was rough, but it was paradise! I It’s a memory of a lifetime! I dream of returning! The girls visited our aunt then the boys did a few years later! We made new friends and fueled our dreams!snorkeling-virgin-gorda-BVIUntitledvirgin-gorda

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