Jamaica! Jamaica: Jay Meets Bobsledding

In light of the 2018 Winter Olympics, here’s a throwback to my bobsledding experience at Mystic Mountain, Jamaica! It was a thrilling experience! I even got to see the first outfits worn by the first JA bobsledding team!

The service, food, information and ambience was awesome from start to finish at Mystic Mountain and I recommend it as a MUST HAVE experience once visiting Jamaica!



  1. It is funny where life takes us, I remember you in the landings kitchen, as much as you wanted to be there I knew it wasn’t here you belong and I was so right. Now this is what you were born to do, so do it with everything in you and enjoy it to the fullest. Have fun.


    • Hello Chef Veronica! 😀 Long time! Thanks for your comment! It’s interesting people keep telling me that and looking back over the years it’s true! Life is so short and we should enjoy every moment. Quite often we are dead before our hearts stop beating and forget what keeps us ticking even before our memory is gone. Keep on doing what you love including taking care of your lovely flowers and making those delicious pastries! 😀🎂🍰


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