Into the Amazon Jungle for inspiration!

Throwback to the Amazon Jungle, Guyana after flying for 1 hour deep into its core over numerous visible gold mines, never ending rivers, thousands of acres of forests, waterfalls including the world’s tallest single drop waterfall, Kaieteur Falls seen behind me, while surrounded by numerous rare birds, wild animals including jaguars with only sunglasses, a backpack with biscuits, vitamin c and a passport (Which becomes almost irrelevant when surrounded by it all, including Amerindians of various tribes who dwell in the jungle.

At least my plane was not TOO FAR of a crazy sprint away: Hopefully no jaguars would run then! I was a bit paranoid despite being thrilled! I’ve seen too many movies despite being of indigenous heritage! Basically live life! Be happy. Let no one steal your joy. Celebrate life. Be true to life and you. You will be rewarded.



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