Cooking With Jay Reloaded!



Your home should be your restaurant! How often do you wish you could afford to “eat healthy”? How often do you wish you could cook just like the people whom you pay an arm and a leg just so you can have a wonderful experience (With no dishes to wash up after)? You CAN do it! Yes You can!

Eating delicious, eye-appealing and healthy meals are much easier and affordable than you think! From simple herbs and spices to basic ingredients which can be found around the house, in your garden (Or neighbor’s garden) or in the market. It’s not what you cook, but HOW you prepare and cook it! Oh yes!

Seen in this photo is one of my regular breakfast meals on a day off from work. It comprises of:

  1. Lightly fried in coconut oil ripe plantain with cinnamon and brown sugar.
  2. Sauteed vegetables including mushroom and carrots.
  3. Pan-seared chicken breast with cream cheese toasted bagels.


You noted some of the “fatty” products? Yes. Good carbs. “Bad” carbs. Life is too short to not add a little extra, but of course, keeping one’s body type, health status in mind, portion control must be paid attention to, in addition to fitness goal. Having an ectomorph body type I’ve made such choices for my diet and yes, I have toned my physique without exercising in the “comfort” of a gym for the past few weeks!

Follow my blog for more exciting posts including on Instagram @jayswonderland! I promise the next few weeks will be thrilling as I have some AMAZING travel adventures set once again!!!!!!!!!


Bon Appetite!

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