Justice For Botham Jean: Saint Lucian Killed In His Dallas Apartment by off duty Dallas police officer.

Dear America,

Not just black America, but the general population of the United States of America, if it has to take the murder of a non-national to teach you what it means to be fair to YOUR OWN, honest, suffocate racism and it’s injustice, then so be it. If it has to take the brutal death of a champion of a young man from my island nation of Saint Lucia to teach you to support each other and fight as a country to protect your very own, then so be it. If it has to take such a horrendous situation to teach YOU America the meaning of togetherness and accept diversity through equality, then so be it.

If it has to take the criminal death of an immigrant who comes from a country which needs visa access into your country, where many others are denied visa entry, even when simply desiring to vacation or pop in for a few days to shop, do business, see friends or family, then so be it.

If it has to take the death of Botham S. Jean to teach you that your country is truly “One Nation Under God” and realize that you are truly the UnUNITED States of America through your subdivided system thriving in lack of diversity as a 1st world country that’s supposed to be DEVELOPED, sadly, THEN SO BE IT!

A country, my nation, my small island nation which only got independence on February 22nd, 1979 WILL show you HOW to support your own. The land of green bananas and saltfish, hot bakes and cocoa tea and fresh fruits all year round will show you how to do right by your people.

My volcanic island with 2 Nobel laureates, dynamic men and women of academic and God-given talents and diversity shall show you. We shall show why we overcame slavery over a century ago and why this paradise island withstand hurricanes yearly. We’ll show you why our people migrate and succeed in your land within prominent fields or silently in the background, while using this to boost our small island nation. God gave Himself a pat on the shoulder when He created Saint Lucia and planned our future as a people. As a nation.

We’ll show you what family means. You know, quarrel among each other, but stand tall to protect our own when push comes to shove. If you don’t know how to do it for your own, this “likkle” speck on the map which is the number one honeymoon destination in the world that’s loved globally, but ignored like an underdog will inspire you. We’ll fertilize the seed which is malnourished within your community. We’ll bring the donkey to the well, but we can’t force America to drink out of it. Regardless we’ll show you that our very own, in his death, unlike many of your own, shall be vindicated. Our prayers and vigils are not unnoticed. Our brilliantly educated people don’t speak words that go through deaf ears: Our actions are proactive. This mosquito of a nation shall show you why David bested Goliath and, no offense, we shall inspire you, especially those within your community who have been trying for decades to do what we are doing right now, including your celebrities, activists among others to NOT GIVE UP HOPE, for we all get weary, but at times it takes a spark to create an explosion of change and give the vitamins that boost an era of change into the system that many of your own have been crying over while trying to simply….. live.

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