Gold or Gold Plated? Is it really worth it?

“Once you carry your own water you will learn to value every drop.”
I wrote this exactly 2 years ago: Always be thankful. If your job pays you $900 remember you chose that job knowing your income. Be thankful that’s $900 less debt for you. $900 less to borrow. $900 less to ask,”Where will I get so much money to…?” Be thankful you have so little, because if you didn’t have it, little becomes too much. Be thankful and strive for better. When you get better give thanks, continue being thankful and strive for even better. .
Quite often we forget our roots and wonder why we never enjoy the flavor of the fruits or get shade from the branches. Some become arrogant after being blessed. Some days avoid the cheese and stick with butter for your toast. Have more home-cooked meals than take out. Champagne dreams and caviar life? Even when you CAN afford to, remember AT TIMES it’s best to live a water lifestyle. My father always reminded his children of this phrase,” Don’t hang your hat where your hands cannot reach.” Looking successful, living a lifestyle mirroring that of the rich and famous to boost morale or maintain image to fit in and “make it” is like putting on perfume, then clean clothing after a workout instead of taking a shower. Then comes the feeling of emptiness while sitting in a castle surrounded by fool’s gold which isn’t earned or is gold-plated.
I always tell my employees/team,”I’m STILL ON PROBATION.” My mentality is I always have to constantly and consistently prove and improve myself. Consistency is key and complacency is poison. “You’re only as good as your last performance”, my sister Tracy always said to me. Don’t stop doing what you did when you first started. Re-energize and increase drive. .
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