Smell the bloody flowers!

Quite often we are busy being….busy. Many seem to enjoy speaking about being “busy”, while not being productive and losing out on important moments and possible quality friendships, relationships or even…love. .
We disregard the most important things in life which are usually the smaller things. Take time to be thankful. Smell the flowers. Enjoy the moments. Appreciate the people who try to be there for us. The genuine ones whom we don’t pay much attention to. .
Take time to heal. To give thanks and praise. To celebrate health and strength. To celebrate the small accomplishments. Live life before you LEAVE life. Appreciate your struggles. At times it’s not about life or God saving or delivering you from a situation, but teaching you to be strong during storms. Sharpening you! Be thankful for your battles. Smooth seas never made skillful sailors.
P.S have you ever seen a gym with such a lush garden before? One where you inhale the healthy aromas of these beauties while doing stretch classes and yoga opposite tennis courts?

What am I speaking about? Visit me on Instagram @JaysWonderland or Jamie Dolcy for my video teaser!
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