Om nom nom! Can you hear me chewing?

Did you just smile reading this article title?

Welcome to Jay’s Wonderland! Visiting my Instagram page will excite you! I wish I got to post videos on my WordPress site like I do on Instagram.

Do you love cuisine like I do? I enjoyed dining at a Chinese restaurant….in Chinatown, Toronto! The food is delicious, healthy and I felt, as we say in Saint Lucia,”Goss” when I was done. If only I could have eaten everything!

Food isn’t simply about eating, but a way of life. Nutrition. Wellness. It’s more affordable to eat healthy than it is to pay medical bills.

Food is a form of appreciation. Appreciation of the chef. The cuisine. The culture. Appreciating not having a hungry belly as many don’t always get to eat as well as they should or as frequently!

Something crunchy. Something sweet. Something savory. Something that makes you feel like you can keep going or taking a nap. Appreciation food. Appreciate life!

I hope you enjoyed my posts! I try to not be too lengthy with articles. I spark a fire in you and leave!

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