Man-Up and Menu!

Home-made breakfast. He prepareth a table in the presence of my… Incarcerated folks aren’t the ones arrested. The devil doesn’t come after the lost, so smile every time challenges come your way because it means you are well on your way and that is enough reason to give thanks and praise daily. – Jay
*Avocado fresh from the local city market
*Baguette from 7th Heaven Bakery/Cafe at The Habor Club, Saint Lucia
*Sautéed vegetables
*Omlete fried lightly in butter
*Pan-seared tuna steak
*Cucumber salad from local cucumbers
*Sorrel and Ginger tea
It’s more affordable to eat healthy than it is to pay a doctor bill. At times it’s not about having a 6pack, but being healthy on the inside. Focus on the unseen to gain the physical image.
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