A dollar and peace of mind: That Sunday morning sunrise feeling!

There is no price behind peace of mind, but there is value. Unlimited value. Quite often we walk passed the most beautiful moments blindly. I firmly believe a dollar doesn’t make nor break me, for I understand the value of every cent. I have known broke. I have known broken. I have….tasted rock bottom and it tasted like victory. Impending victory.



Humility smacked me in the face a long time ago. I learned to cook delicious and healthy food from very little ingredients. I learned the importance of herbal tea via leaves picked from trees rather than store-bought. I learned to live in a cupboard apartment instead of living in the home my parents built. I learned my strength does not come from me, but from a supreme being.



I spent months without being able to afford to buy a new cellphone. “I’m available on my tablet WHEN I connect to WiFi. “I learned to date myself. I learned to connect my feet gently to the earth and listen to echoes….echoes of footsteps which resonated from the soul which lives in me.



I was so broke I was BROKEN….and molded into the man I am today. I won’t apologise for not welcoming certain people into my new space. For not turning up, showing off etc because YOLO? I know what they see when they stare at me, fight against me, curse my name, pray dark prayers and try to shut me down for what is for me knew me when I was at my lowest and now escorts me to…the rock which is higher than I. As above…? Deep breath and rise like the sunrise. Grow out of nothing for nothing is….the foundation of your new beginning. Don’t give up. You have one more fight in you. And another. And another. And… you win!

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