When the mask falls off: Dockside love. Can you relate?

Bedroom to bedroom, inbox to inbox, seeking a love that won’t ever be found. She’s taken? That’s fine. As long as I get some of that dime. Some nudes, some cam’ sex, some sweet nothings. Her man will never know as we’ll delete the conversations. Delete the paper trail and pretend to be cool friends in person.
Waiting on the dockside, eying the phone while sipping drinks at the party, hoping the next message pops up to signal take-off to have the next fling. I haven’t had sex in a month they all say! Ha! But still why won’t the bell ring? The heart beat..doo doop. Doo doop…calmly?

Relationships of quality never come, great friendships fade away and old habits die hard. From screenshot to screenshot, heartache to heartbreak and bitterness, envy, threesomes and emptiness man has gained the whole world, yet lost his soul. Is this a story that never gets old? A tale untold? He speaks about the next guy who’s a player. A charlatan yet..tic..toc..tic… he’s taking the light off the pot and shining it onto the fire for he doesn’t want the world to know he’s everyone else’s best kept secret. Discreet or a hand of cards being played hard, fast and heavy with sorrows? Speaking about their exes like they were the hex in the relationship yet not even Ghostbusters could rid the dead from their….souls. Let the church say,”Amen?”
Photo captured in Bermuda this summer by my dear friend Victoria!

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