Once Upon A Broken Heart: Relationshipped Up and Shipped Out.

Many won’t know or believe, but I’ve dated or been in relationships with person’s who:

1. Referred to me as boring.

2. The chronic cheaters who accused ME of cheating.

3. The sneak-a -peak at my payslips ex and get bitter because I wasn’t splurging on them.

4. The ones that are always mad at the world and documenting it on social media.

5. The paranoid ones who’d shout at and bully me because they felt I’d run off.

6. The ones who won’t even get me a card for my birthday or Christmas, farless..Always relied on me to pay the tab, whether it be at dinner, the movies or even bus fare.

7. Told people that I’m just a friend or acted like I was out of their league because I could not afford the fancy life like they could and didn’t want to be seen with me based on the location.

8. The ones who’d say I’m husband material, but treat me like an option worth losing.

9. The emotionally abusive ones.

10. The chronic liars who’d try to ruin me after I walked away. Walked away after I realized it was all a game and I was tougher.

A skit by actors and the masks fell off. 🦸The list goes on. Some of these, 1-10, a single person had among others. Let’s not talk about the toxic friends… In this, I learned to date myself. Put on perfume and go to dinner solo. The movies alone. The beach alone. Travel alone. And then I fell in love with me. I learned ME and what I deserved.

Many of us, regardless of age, accept undeserving situations. Endure torment. Don’t play the victim card. It’s easy to get played. Don’t waste time trying to prove to them YOU are living your best life now. Just live. Just love. Just grow. Just prosper.
May you love deeper. Live abundantly. Laugh from your core!

Work on shortcomings and rise above the bridges built over your troubled waters and rise! For as you rise into your destiny, regardless of your age, your rise from moments where you take deep breaths to having breathless experiences. Be victorius! – Jay

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