The Devil and Cheesecakes at the Seaside?

The Devil?

He sits in the first pew in the church. He sings the loudest. He knows all the words: No hymnal required. He is the first to give his testimony. He has the largest Bible. He always gives a beautiful donation for offering. He wears the most attractive Sunday best with heels, red lipstick and make up or even the finest suits. He keeps the sabbath holy too! The Devil? Yes! The Devil!
…and let the church say, “Amen!”
If a prostitute walked into your church(Regardless of denomination), right up to the first pew to sit, with her garments from the night before, what would be the congregations’ reactions? What about a vagrant in rags or a drunkard still holding a bottle? Or even a drag queen in costume? What would YOU do to change negative reaction or motivate them to come listen to the gospel preached? Listen, not to change them into the ideal persons society seeks to mould based on perspective of what is acceptable, but into souls that can inspire across the board, transform lives and flourish spiritually! Or simply to be happ-IER!
…human nature? ManKIND or manCRUEL?
Some of the most amazing, admirable and life enhancing people I’ve met are the square pegs in round holes, misfits, plain cakes among cheesecakes, smiling instead of crying at a funeral folks.
I captured this lovely photo around the corner from my home in Gros Islet, Saint Lucia!
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