Eating chocolate and Exercising: A Match Made in Heaven!

Did you know the most flavorful meat comes with a little extra fat on it, even prior to seasoning?
Add a little colour in your life with increased laughter, smiles and peace of mind. Watch life transform even when you think nothing is going right. Give time some time.
My third week exercising within a gym after spending the past 10 months eating, sleeping… eating some more and just keeping myself together. It looks promising.

Forget about taking before and after photos. Focus on the during and current. Focus on the time after you started and felt like giving up and how far you’ve come. Capture your quitting point because getting passed it is even harder than starting and then each conquering point (After you overcome each hurdle). I still eat chocolate, even before starting gym! It’s called a balanced diet dammnit! Life is too short.😁
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