My granny loves selfies:A tale of family and culture!

Silly face with granny! She absolutely LOVES selfies!

Born January 28th, 1937, one of the indigenous Kalinago Indian (Carib Amerindian) people of our lovely Caribbean island, Saint Lucia with African roots …and they say we’re savages! Meh!

It’s in our small eyes and smile! πŸ˜οΈπŸ›ΆπŸŒ€οΈ

THIS IS HOW PEOPLE WHO GENUINELY LOVE YOU LOOK AT YOU!!! 😍😍😊😊 I decided to surprise my granny who lives over 10 miles away from me! She still has an outdoor kitchen, crops and rears animals on occasion. Surprisingly she wasn’t outside gardening with her caretaker seen in the video. As an indigenous native woman to the island of Saint Lucia her red skin glows like clay coated with honey!

She speaks primarily French creole, isn’t a strong reader, BUT is an EXCELLENT hawk at counting money!😁 A farmer by profession and born in 1937, my granny (Mother’s mummy), is a lover of music, especially Country and Western!

She said I made her,”Freak out!”upon seeing me and recently thought about me! I always refer to her as the most beautiful girl in her community of Choiseul and of course she agrees every time that SHE IS! πŸ₯° She’s very inquisitive about my love life and keeps it all a secret! 😁 Her mother, a strong-willed Carib Amerindian woman, lived to be 99 years old!

I said to her, after giving a surprise visit, now that she has seen me she will live for at least 10 years longer! She stared at me flabbergasted and said with utmost confidence in French Creole,”I’m not going to die anytime soon!! I’m going to live for a very long time!” My granny is 82 and her Carib Amerindian mother lived to be 99, passing a few months prior to her 100th birthday!
She loves selfies so I took a couple and showed her them. Her reaction and response in French creole, our patois,”Wait! Is that me? That’s me!!!” Then she smiled because she knows she’s beautiful. The most beautiful girl in her home community of Choiseul! Granny, Catherine Degazon Modeste, is originally from the volcanic mud baths town of Soufriere, also known as Sulphur City, but of course my macho Man grandpa used his charm, got her to pack her bags and move to the neighboring paradise community where she’s lived for over 50 years!

Forget about having a six pack tummy. Our smile has a 6 pack! We’ve got a ripped smile and it runs in the family! Our smile and laughter is our signature! We are beautiful souls rooted in magic, soul and earth!


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