Suicide: ManKIND or ManCRUEL?

Has your mother ever considered committing suicide? How about your father? Perhaps one of your grandparents? A best friend perhaps? A lover? Customer? How about one of your school teachers or even the random stranger who smiled in surprise when you smiled a little longer at them after issuing a casual greeting. How…about….YOU??

Some folks are just trying to live. Live just a little bit longer. Smile a little brighter. Sometimes the LITTLE that you do is the one dose of empathy which kept someone going. Going just long enough to not make that final quick decision to end their life. Someone who doesn’t even LIKE your posts online or even follow your page. Someone who pretends you don’t even exist. Your little strength empowers someone to keep on going…down to the river!

Lifestyle? That lavish lifestyle. Smile? That bright smile! Healthy? That well-toned body! Attractive? The one you believe “everyone” wishes they could be with, sleep with and is out of your league or the envy of others. Successful? Degree obtained, bills paid in advanced, vacations decided and paid for soon after the new year started!

These things can be ticked off someone’s bucket list and unknown to the world suicide could be a sip and gulp, a stab stab stab, a click and there goes the bullet, a jump and kick the bucket away..urghhh! Gasp! It’s too late…No I don’t really want to any…I…gasppp..gulp..gaspp….!

And then there’s you! Or him! Or her! The unforgiving, perhaps absentminded, self-absorbed, focused on me, too busy, focused on,”The Bible says…!” “What will my neighbors say? My husband say? My friends think? Fire bun this! Babylon fyah! Someone else should.. could.. would!

That friend you pulled away from. That parent you keep astranged. That family member whom you turned up your nose for and engaged in the worst gossip about…yes you! You upstanding member of society! Bonafide Christian who keeps the Sabbath holy while adorning a character filled with holes. You who believe your sin is less scornful than that of others and grants you enough amnesty to cast the first stone. Bless you! Ha! Neck bends to a side and twitches*

While WE play God, psychologist, pastor and/or grant preferencial treatment towards one or more, someone we love is staring at the clock counting down their suffering. Wishing it would end. That a light would be seen in their life. That their breakthrough would hurry up and come like a quick orgasm!

Someone we care about is the one pushing the button of someone else whom we care about or don’t give a damn about and in the end…our heroes become the villains in our story as we turn our backs on the ones we should place our cataracts-filled sight on, someone else is knocking the dominos down on our world.

Superman can’t save everyone, but if we all reach out to….touch a soul, even if it still ends up gone, it will rise like a phoenix and our mind shall sink peacefully in the horizon knowing we have lived and let live, loved and got love and let go as we let life take over a new world for we have loved our neighbor as…. – Jay (Jamie Dolcy)



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