Cooking With Jay: Lamb Neck . Simple. Gourmet. Caribbean.

I didn’t use a mirepoix, but one can always improvise when flavoring meat. Parsley, garlic and onion with butter definitely worked this time. Pansear your meat on low fire to gently bring out the fat which will enhance the flavor of your herbs in the butter. Subsequently add water to build the sauce and cook the insides of the meat to desired temperature.

When it comes to home-cooked meals, we seldom have access to the range of ingredients found in commercial kitchens. The same goes for fancy plates, food molds etc for presentation. I show you the reality of our day to day common humble household. ☺️😊

As you can see rosemary to lightly seasoned lamb neck (A very popular meat selection in Caribbean households, especially my home island of Saint Lucia) transformed a simple household meal into something a likkle more fancy!

Sizzle baby! Sizzle!
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