Cooking With Jay from Saint Lucia, Caribbean: Live Video with Potatoes and Lamb.

It’s only home-made organic sweet potatoes, pumpkin with fresh herbs, cinnamon, cream cheese and some lightly seasoned lamb neck! Basic food. Healthy too. See my previous posts for more details.

Like many of you I grew up with people who fought various health challenges including diabetes and high blood pressure. I had to prepare meals which were conducive for health, but brought smiles to their faces while they lived. I spoiled my father that way.

One food tip for starchy foods: Soak these food items overnight when possible to reduce the starch content. Change the water in the morning a few hours before preparing the meal. It will preserve someone’s life a bit longer than expected with more comfort for that person. That life could be yours, whether you are the one with the health challenge or the one witnessing the battle. – Sincerely Jay

Visit to enjoy more short blog posts which will inspire you to enjoy the simplicities of life regardless of the odds you face daily.

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