The Rookie Mistake Experts Make!

Jamie Dolcy: We need to stop cutting the baby in half as opposed to dealing with situations in black or white all the time.

In schools we expel troubled students who, when dealt with differently, end up being the best students in academics, sports, art etc.

In the work force we at times, instead of having private chats or even suspending troubled employees we terminate them immediately before issuing reform means. When dealt with using unorthodox means of wisdom these prove to be the most dynamic and reliable employees.

At times our most controversial customers whom we seek to blacklist are the ones who give the best repeat business to us. They even encourage others to start business, regardless of the service we offer, with us. Cut the baby in half and risk losing more than our minds could fathom.

Now at times we shall say,”We run a school/ restaurant/bank/hotel/gas station, shop…not a prison/counselors office/psychiatric institute. It’s not my/our role to make this decision or accept this behavior/ provide reform measures.” So we cut the baby in half as opposed to…yeah.. I’ve already said it.

The most experienced professionals can learn 100 new lessons from rookies. We must listen, not for the sake of replying and issuing our overly confident opinions based on experience or statistics, but for the sake of understanding.

Rid ego and stop saving face when dealing with matters which have seemingly minor or even dire repurcussions and listen to a new perspective. A loud mouth and proud heart learns nothing and loses everything in an ever changing world where we are always a small fish in a large pond, even when we believe we are a shark in our fish tank. – Jay

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