Cooking With Jay: The Annoying Sibling Moment!

My younger brother demanded he come over for lunch. He even asked me to go grocery shopping early so he can eat what he felt like. HMPH! I told him it’s my off day and wanted to eat and just sleep.

While taking a nap I heard my front door opening and then felt someone sitting next to me on my bed. Argh! Yes…he showed up regardless!!!

The sucker told our mother, on video call, that I wasn’t going to cook him lunch, so mother got involved. Here’s the little sucker’s meal which included turkey, rosemary, garlic, spinach, roasted potatoes, pumpkin, some cheese…. after soaking the starchy foods for an extensive period.

He said the only thing wrong is it wasn’t enough! Last weekend he ate all of my dessert in my fridge! Mummy come get your son! Lol

Here is his meal:

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