The Fat Kid: My Hero!

Quite often we’re so busy being busy that life passes us by and before we end up living life….we end up leaving life.

The Journey vs The Destination. Soak it all in. Do you just eat or do you savor the food: The scent. The flavor. The taste? Do you take photos or do you revel in the moment?

Do you travel a thousand miles only to return home having…gone nowhere? Nothing learnt. Nothing lived… despite many photos, souvenirs and other shopping as part of your… evidence of being away, yet having really never left?

Respect the fat kid who’s eating the cake. He/She knows to live in the moment, appreciates the simple blessings and has found one more reason to be happy! Be like the fat kid. Be happy. Just…be!

#Cocktails #Drinks #Beach #Summer #Happy #Happy #JaysWonderland #Weekends #Nature #Writer #Boats #Eats #Island #Caribbean #StLucia

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