Cooking Octopus with Jay!

What’s better than cooking your own meals at home? I truly love messing around in the kitchen. There is something extra special about it, won’t you agree?

Octopus lightly flavored with blended basil, rosemary, garlic, onions and peppers while simmering in red wine, pesto and…(The rest is a secret). The broccoli was cooked lightly with butter, black pepper and…(Sshhh)!

The compliments by the eater of Plate #2 had me blushing 😅! One can taste the natural flavor of the octopus and the broccoli while the added flavor crowned the meal with a mouthwatering fusion of organic herbs and wine! Cooking with love and soul makes a world of a difference!

A blend of seasonings doesn’t necessarily mean the item is overflavored. It’s not what you cook, but HOW you cook it. Skill and techniques make a world of a difference and even having wine and butter in food doesn’t take away from health benefits! Get informed on nutrition and what works best for you!
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