Kings and Kingdoms

Regardless people will attack what they don’t see like a man walking in the dark swinging a stick in thin pitch black air out of fear, envy.. Fear that another will surpass.. Envy that another will gain what he could not.
If things are booming you have to at times say things could be better or things are challenging. My king don’t put your gold on your table for others to count your riches nor to let them hear you counting them from your chambers ☺
They ought to, more often than nought, see you traveling as far or further than them while you are clothed in sackcloth and wonder why your steps are brisk and never ceasing, for many seem to be successful and confident at it and want the world to know, while others live on quietly going further that way with less arrows flying at them and more peace in their lives. Kings don’t always need to fight to maintain a kingdom.
People envy what you fought so hard for. They envy what you barely hold in high regards.
In war no one should no what your artillery consists of in full nor what you makes you truly vulnerable. – Jay


Photo captured in Antwerp, Belgium in August 2018

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